six Months of aerobic exercise improve brain function of older people. This is the conclusion after the study came from scientists at the University of calgary in Canada, says the American Association for the advancement of science.

the study involved 206 adults who do not have heart problems and memory. The average age of respondents was 66 years. Before the experiment they did not exercise more than four days a week for 20 or less minutes.

At the beginning of the study they were given a pass on thinking and memory and with the help of ultrasound measured the blood flow in the brain. Then they six months for three days a week doing aerobics. The duration of exercise was gradually increased from 20 to 40 minutes. Once a week people were asked to work independently.

In the end it turned out that after six months of lessons, the test results improved by 5.7%. The speed of information the brain has grown by 2.4 percent. The blood flow in the brain increased by 2.8 percent.

Even if you start to do the exercises at a later age, the benefits for your brain can be overwhelming. Of course, aerobic exercise make the blood move through your body, including in different areas of the brain. Our results can be important, especially for older people at risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias and diseases of the brain, said study author mark Poulin.