On the runway, presenting the new collections of leading fashion brands, instead of the usual beauties in the recent years, increasingly face model with visible defects of appearance, bad skin, excess weight with the frankly painful “onion” – view. Fashion experts speak of “atypical” beauty – the new her reading. Consumers very seriously disturbed: it is not “butaforia” if we covered avoiding the demonstration of beauty as a way of discrimination less beautiful?!

the causes and possible consequences of the phenomenon of “MK” were dealt with by specialists.

“the World is what’s happening to you?! asks published photos of fashion shows from famous fashion designers the actress Elena Anishchenko. – In a fashion “atypical beauty” and not even unisex… Ladies are all faceless, her hair unwashed, sticky and untidy, a sunken chest, face sullen, tired, anxious, or disease look like the living dead, go why-that clumsily… But the amazing part is the fashion for plainness, which flaunts the podium! And it’s the most expensive models that cover the screenings, which are persons brands!”

Irene – Hollywood actress of Russian origin, in the free time from the movie working on fashion shootings and know all the ins and outs of this business.

– Who watches the shows of Haute couture, he knows that the podium has already appeared and the age of the model, and chubby. It is a tribute to fashion now the idea of equality – no ageism (discrimination on the basis of age – ed.) no bodyshaping (conviction in connection with the imperfection of the pieces – ed.). Now, in the Wake of the pandemic and the BLM took another step forward, equating beautiful and not very healthy and not too much.

You believe that the beauty industry is a step forward?!

Yves Saint Laurent once first brought to the catwalk the black model, which at the time seemed unprecedented experiment! And now it’s the norm. Yes, fashion is primarily industry, business, so those who are at the helm, could not take advantage of the new field that opened their pandemic and the movement for universal identity, you know? Let a grotesque fashion, but a reflection of reality. Nor as cynically sounds, but fashion is rapidly became ugly and a little lame duck, because they are now more than blooming and happy.

– That is, because of the pandemic, the designers decided to bring in the trend of “patient look”, and because BLM spotted these strange people?

– White spots on the skin is a disease called vitiligo. On casting calls model with vitiligo is very popular. The idol of Americans – Winnie Harlow. Fans paint spots on skin like hers, or applied to the stencil to tan spots on the sun or in the Solarium. There are so-called “TRANS-black” – those who are using special��x injections become white from black. 30 years ago Michael Jackson did everything possible to make black become white, and now it’s the opposite.

– And why models with dirty heads and dull facial expression? Fashion is still a holiday show!

– actually, their hair, of course it is, but this look is achieved through special makeup. Right now, as it creates a new “inclusive” image of beauty, realities. For Inclusion (inclusion – ed.) implies that behind the fashion, no one is, regardless of external data. For example, at the auditions for fashion photography previously required perfect skin, and now on the contrary – welcome freckles, scars, piercings, tattoo in the most unimaginable places. Very popular model with non-white skin tone – African Americans, South Americans, Asians is in favor of racial identity. Full model – to support people with hormonal obesity in America a lot. Everything to ensure that children did not grow up with complexes.

they did not seek to lose weight and improve yourself, and quietly remained thick?

– With children in the United States a special story. It is considered that to impose a diet fat teenager unethical.

– Comes all that is imperfect skin, dull appearance, extra weight, our overall picture, which reflects the fashion?

– Yes, and this is not the first time. Began with Kate moss, with her haggard guttersnipe. In the 90s was grunge and heroin chic: models have been exhausted, with black circles under the eyes. When Catherine Deneuve first saw the collection of Yves Saint Laurent, where skinny girls on top combinations wearing leather jackets, it is a little faint, my own eyes have seen it! She always dressed the Laurent came to the show, and he killed her these kombinacii! Then even Deneuve used to. So everything is repeated.

as for the designers, they are first and foremost artists. The Haute couture is a flight of fantasy, the artistic vision of the image of today’s beauties like Picasso painted his women cubes. In these shops things like this will never make it. And the images of the models down the runway in the nation, it will lose the exaggerated features. But the overall meaning of the image will remain – now we are in full bloom.

– Pandemic brought a new understanding of beauty, – confirms a contemporary artist style concept art Ilya Smolin. – A new round of the perception of images, which, entering into fashion and rooted in it, become the new benchmark of naturalness. In our memory for a long time at the top was “glamorous” beauty, a kind of animated Barbie, but it was not always so. Remember Rubens, Picasso and many other great names, each of which had their own idea of beauty and appreciation of beauty. In the 19th century, sung by a fragile and painful “consumptive” – femininity – not only as a kind of Manifesto against the bourgeois “satiety”, but also as a reflection of the ailments and problems of the time. At all times and the people and the art of adjust to the reality, and now the same thing happens. Naturalness may look painful, but this does not detract from her natural beauty. Like nature itself, she may be on the rise and in decline, but in any case, original and beautiful.