the 30th of July, one of the main princesses of the Vakhtangov theatre celebrating its 55th anniversary. For 16 years she with dignity, have carried this regimental flag after the legendary Turandot Cecilia Mansurova Yulia Borisova, played in performances Fomenko, Tuminas, Mirzoyev and sunk into the heart of the audience as a true actress of the Vakhtangov. In the anniversary interview with “MK” Marina told about the dictatorial methods of famous Directors, his childhood dream and beloved husband, Barda Oleg Mitiaeva.

“we Have to accept age as a reality and not fight”

– I know you don’t feel a real age and completely look. But still, what feelings come to the anniversary? Not afraid of numbers?

– What can I hide? Of course, it scares everyone. Women particularly. But I think any old lady of 80 and left the girl 30 years-and no more. I have the same thing. It is necessary to take age for granted and not to resist. It’s just that sometimes I do not really want. Immediately give a vow to play sports, Jogging in the morning, thinking that I look younger. But it’s not. In every age must seek its advantages. There’s no other way.

What advantages have you found?

– the older you get, the freer opinions and judgments. This is especially noticeable in the acting profession. It implies a continual third-party evaluation. But with age become more self-sufficient. You are no longer important opinion of all. Only very selected people, which took away the life. I was always so fleeting, excitable and temperamental nature, and there is now little left. But over the years, become more moderate desires and feelings.

In election, the actress always chose me to participate, and what – no. Thank God, I had the opportunity not to depend on financial and not plow at a furious pace to feed a family. And the fact that now not always correspond to personal criteria. I was fortunate to work with such Directors as Peter Fomenko, Rimas Tuminas, Vladimir Mirzoyev. I’m sure the work should be rush headlong. In the shower should turn on the light. Then the spark a flame and get a good result. When a person starts with the desire, joy, and love, make beautiful children.

– Every 5 years in the passport, for sure, inspired thoughts about the beauty shots. Because the face is an important tool for an actress. How do you feel about plastic?

– I think that everyone, not only the artist is entitled to dispose of both body and face at its sole discretion. Importantly, this was a measure. Something to hide, I try to care for the person – do yourself mesotherapy, for example. But it all started after 50 I. To austerity measures has not yet reached. Maybe because I’m cowardly, or because I have a highth threshold. Although I will not renounce.

– A medical intervention need for yourself or for the viewer?

– most Likely for the viewer… Although for myself it is nice. That spike you did, and smoothed the wrinkles. This is, again, an echo of the time. Yes, you can improve your form for 5-10 years. But the neck and arms is all the same issue. Previously, this topic soared. Of course, it’s nice to make compliments. But strictly run-of-age, in my opinion, pointless. I do not deny that ever decide on something more radical. And not in any way condemn those who do.

“Fomenko is a planet”

is it true that you didn’t think to Shine on stage and wanted to be a conductor?

– My childhood has passed in Omsk. Near the house there was a tram line. Since I years to 6 did not go anywhere really, the only vehicle nearby was a tram. And I had a dream – free to ride it. As an artist, I don’t expect to be. Just went out into the yard and arranged the performances: my mother’s clothes the wear, the metal “crown” from under the sugar bowl, the spit itself was made of a stocking. And the audience benches said to my mom: “I guess Marina will be your artist!”

And when my mother moved to a new apartment, she said to me: “Look for some circle”. At first I found a ballet Studio, then got into theater in the Palace of pioneers, were then the Theatre of Poetry Lyubov Ermolaeva. That’s where I probably fell into the tenacious paws of the art. And this disease for the rest of your life will remain inside of me. Theatre is a potent drug. Once tried and more without it you can’t. In my case, certainly. He and the brother, father, and to some extent her husband.

– it is believed that the artist should meet your Director, who will be able to fully showcase his talent. You have worked with many renowned Directors – Pyotr Fomenko, Rimas Tuminas, Vladimir Mirzoyev. But met do the same?

– I hope that at me still ahead. But of course each of these has made a huge contribution to my acting formation. Pyotr Naumovich was the first major Director I’ve encountered. I participated in three plays: “you are our Sovereign, father…”, “guilty Without guilt” and “Queen of spades”. And in each I was lucky enough to play. I had just come to the theater and immediately fell into the hands of the master. Peter N. lot put in me not only as a artist but as a person.

Fomenko is a planet. Some of the rehearsals of the Queen of spades we with Lyudmila Maksakova, who played the role of the Countess, sat down in the auditorium and recorded his pearl. I have still kept these notebooks full of grotesque, irony, self-irony. Work with the it Director sets the bar very high in his career. So I understand Margarita Terekhova, who after Tarkovsky was rarely removed. Once faced with the great, it is hard to go anything less.

And Vladimir Mirzoev is a whole other planet. I was involved in 6 it works. And he also really taught me a lot. He’s great to work with, because he let you go free swimming. But as any Director is a strong and clever – keeps on a short leash. And then out of your free flight leaves that it. But you still have a great feeling to be co-Creator.

– are You a good actress or we can buck against the dictatorial methods of directing?

Hmm… in the end, fulfilling what I’m going to ask the Director. But I not as simple as it may seem. If it is very rough, then right after the show, I will definitely come off. I’m bored to constantly perform the same scheme. Every show I try a little bit different to play. Not to change the text and mise-EN-scene, and the search for a new inside. I’m always amazed at artists musicals, which every day have to play the same 2-3 times. I think this great experience leads to burnout. The issue is complex… But I think I’m still going to cheat.

Rimas Tuminas, for example, the identity, the brightest filmmaker with a vision. But mostly he is a dictator and wants from the actor clearly what he wants. Although admits vnutrioblastnoy improvisation.

“Oleg completely devoid of this kind of jealousy”

is it true that you saw your future husband, Oleg mitiaeva, in the dream? More like a beautiful story.

– I was 6 years old. And once in a dream I saw a 30 year old man in a denim jacket and with blue eyes, but immediately forgotten. What can the child remember? And then, many years later, I met him. Oleg went somewhere and before leaving gave me a videotape. Suddenly I get a mosaic, light up all the bulbs in the head, and I know we’ve met before! And this happened not in the first meeting, and after a while. In fact, I often have such dreams. I at first overlooked, but when in life there is something seriously recall having seen a similar dream.

– How you worked together on the recording of the disc “In the Alexander garden”? Still two professionals in different fields. Someone has taken a dictatorial position?

– No, Oleg is a very calm person in this regard. When you call him and ask permission to sing songs, he always answers: “Yes, please.” But one day a very famous pop singer asked not just to perform “summer is a small life”, but to change two lines in the text. Here Oleg categories�� refused.

As for our work, we sing in different keys. It has been specially made arrangements. Oleg listened to all the records, but does not fit with revisions. Sometimes even his fans told me in confidence that some of the songs I’m singing better. Although I think I do it more just as an actor and as a woman. So many years in the profession, apparently, allow you to better convey some textual nuances. Oleg completely devoid of this kind of jealousy. Sometimes even it becomes a shame – with such ease he applies to everything.

birthday it is customary to make a wish. You know what ask looking for holiday candles? If they are, of course, provided.

‘ Oh Yes! Candles and I – are inseparable. As soon as the guests arrive, I immediately lit them around the house. First Oleg, I even said, “Marisha, what are you doing? And so light”. And then one day we came to visit, and the lack of spark immediately caused a storm of bewilderment. As for the desire… I want to be more popular in home theatre and cinema. And to top it off – to have a healthy family, and the earth has never been a war.