On the Italian island Budelli, near Sardinia, 31 years lives Mauro Morandi is the only person on this earth that at the same time plays the role of caretaker. But now local authorities want to evict him and end only at home, because housing Morandi recognized as illegal construction. This writes CNN travel.

Morandi, who turned 81 years old, had worked as a physical education teacher. In 1989, the catamaran broke near Budelli, and the man had to disembark. The Italian fell in love with the sights of the island and decided to stay here permanently. He chases the tourists, pick up trash and posting photos of the landscapes in the social network, receiving each time a lot of enthusiastic reviews.

However, in 2016, the Italian government included the island in the national Park of La Maddelana, and housing Morandi received the status of illegal. Now it wants to demolish and build in place an environmental Observatory. For men it is the only house, besides Morandi believes that without him, the island will die.

“All I ask is that to me anywhere sent on time repairs, and then I could go back and keep doing what you do every day. I’m afraid that if I leave, it will be the end for Budelli”, — said Morandi.

“I scavenge and do not allow uninvited guests to come here at night to cause mayhem. The truth is, I’m the only one who still cared about Budelli, performing the monitoring task to be performed by the authorities of the Park. I don’t know where I have to live, certainly not at home, in the North, and don’t know what to do — this is my life. I just don’t see myself playing cards or balls,” he said.

a Man fears that if I leave forever, and wild pink beach will be only on postcards. Morandi ready to fight for Budelli further. On the Internet in support of turned a powerful campaign.