According to the doctor-dietician Marina Makishi, barbecue should not be abused, and cook it better from the dietary of meat. He explained that is limited to the portion of the 200-250 grams and not to eat this product more than once a week.

In an interview with TV channel “Star”, she noted that there should be no more than 200-250 grams kebab, otherwise the dish will become dangerous to health.

“Meat cooked on an open fire, so it gets soot, which is carcinogenic and can contribute to the development of cancer. When burning fat, formation of trasniti. All this is bad for the liver, when a large number may lead to cancer,” explained the doctor.

the Nutritionist also urged to avoid the formation of crust on the pieces of meat. “Is glycation of proteins. These compounds speed up the aging process, they can contribute to the formation of free radicals in the body and is a factor in the development of cancer,” she added.