The mayor of the commune of Saint-SURESNES-sur-l’isle Marseille Bertone, in his 98 years he was the oldest mayor in France, and has lost the chances of getting a ninth consecutive mandate for the next six years. According to the published on Sunday, interior Ministry figures, he lost the second round of municipal elections, his former assistant.

Evelyn Lyon-Cardona, who is more than Bertone for 26 years, has passed it with the minimum disruption. It gained more than 46% of the vote, while its counterpart has enlisted the support of 44% of voters.

Bertone, a former air force major and veteran of world war II, for half a century was the permanent head of the administration of Saint-SURESNES-sur-l’isle. Throughout his political career, he paid great attention to the Patriotic education and opposed gay marriage. The population of the commune during his tenure as mayor increased by about half. The desire to celebrate a century in the chair of mayor, he warned long before the election of 2020.

"the Age of now does not solve anything, you can be a fool in 20 years and conscious in 98," commented Berthome his nomination.

Attack of the left and ecologists

Who led for almost a quarter century, the administration of Marseille comes from a center-right party, "Republicans" Jean-Claude Gaudin also went into voluntary retirement. However, the candidate from the same party Martin Vassal, which has enlisted the support of 80-year-old mayor, came to the finish only second. The victory was won by the representative of the left – the candidate of the movement "Marseille spring" Michelle Rubirosa.

Former Minister of internal Affairs Gerard colon has parted ways with mayor of Lyon, the second most important city of France. He headed the administration of the metropolis from 2001 to 2017, only a year after leaving the position for a job in the government. A year later he returned to Lyon at the usual position. However, in the first round of elections, held on March 13, he took only the fourth place. Supported the candidate from "Republicans" seriously lost in the second round of the representative of the environmentalists Gregory Doucet.

The victory went to the party "Europe – Ecology – "Green" (EELV) and in Bordeaux, long considered a stronghold of the center-right. June 28, the new head of the city administration was elected as the candidate of EELV Pierre UNMIK. At the same time, Lille survived the onslaught of the "green": there is the mandate of the mayor will again have a socialist Martine Aubry, who heads this city has more than 19 years.

The ruling party "the Republic on the March" failed in a pandemic to strengthen its position, because its politicians were busy with problems at the national level. Almost all major cities including Paris, the party was waiting for a series of failures. Only in Le Havre won by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

The head of the FRtva has not yet become publicly speak out about the upcoming plans. But previously he admitted that he could leave the Premiership if elected mayor, but leaves this decision to the discretion of the President of France Emmanuel Makron. At the same time, Philip hinted that he was ready to continue to administer the government, providing the implementation of election promises in Le Havre to his team.