The representative of the Association of nurses of Russia Valery Samoilenko responded harshly to critics Tula nurse who because of the heat went to work in a swimsuit under the sheer robe. He invited irony of the Internet commentators to work with COVID patients to understand the working conditions of nurses.

“Let once you’re in the red zone in this suit, and that hypoxia is lower than in the patient. Let them know what is overheating when you go outside and press against the wall so as not to lose consciousness, and after this says, is it ethical or not,” – said Samoilenko live on NSN.

He added that the nurse came in transparent outfit, “not to butt jiggled in front of patients and in order not to die there.”

Samoylenko, is the Executive Director of the Association, gave an example: now in St. Petersburg +8 and doctors wearing pajamas under the MOPP suits. When the 25, will have to stand in front of the patients in the same beach as Tula colleague.

According to the representative of the Association of nurses of Russia, the girl just have one comment: one should wear cotton clothes, not synthetic.

Recall, nurse, infectious hospital in Tula appeared in front of the patients in a transparent protective suit from the coronavirus over a bathing suit. Her photo appeared in the Network.

The nurse explained his view of a strong heat, however, it applied the disciplinary sanction.

Earlier, the Rambler reported that in Tula a nurse fall in love with Russian and foreign Internet users. In the comments they write that only one view of the nurses can lift the spirit and set for recovery. Some Americans began to seek out the symptoms of coronavirus, to get in the Tula hospital.