In the UK fake declassified documents of the Reichsfuhrer SS and organizer of the Holocaust, Heinrich Himmler, in which he tried to escape. It is possible to establish the details of the arrest of one of the closest associates of Adolf Hitler, informs “bi-Bi-si”.

The publication writes that on may 22, 1945, when Himmler and two others were detained, he gave the passport, which was listed as Henry Kisinger, had a different title, and date of birth. However, British military intelligence saw the document on the same print and details of the units that are used in the SS and reichsführer detained.

It is reported that now, fake passport Himmler will be kept in the Museum of military intelligence in the Shefford, Bedfordshire area in England. It together with braces who wore a Nazi at the time of arrest, gave a niece of Colonel Cindy Noack, which, as expected, was interrogated by the Reichsfuhrer before his death.

It is known that Heinrich Himmler on 23 may 1945 committed suicide during interrogation in the UK. It is believed that he swallowed a vial of cyanide.