In the capital’s public transport since the beginning of this year, over 205 thousand people were fined for traveling without a ticket and someone else’s social card, is spoken in the message of the press service of gku “transport Organizer”.

“More than 205 thousand persons fined for traveling without a ticket and someone else on the social identity card in Moscow from the beginning of the year 168 thousand in land transport and 37 thousand in the metro. Given that the card “Troika”, the fare is 40 rubles, one “hare” will pay for one trip is 25 times greater than its cost”, – said the head of the gku “transport Organizer” Vladislav sultans.

He said inspectors have increased. More of them. Their more evenly distributed on the buses. Now they help and the police. Through their participation people who do not travel, do not try to hide or behave rudely with supervisors. Conflicts negated.

“the controllers “transport Organizer” checked over 414 thousand buses, trams and electric buses. Most offenders are almost 5 thousand – was on a bus route МЦ1 that runs between the metro station “forest” and IMC FMS”, – said Sultanov.