The CEO of the company “Ru-concert” — Evgeny Morozov — shared information about the fees of the Soviet and Russian singer Alla Pugacheva for a private performance. According to him, the appearance on the stage Diva is €350 thousand.

The head of the company admitted that they found the price list 1998, according to which the income of the artist for a private performance is $25 thousand. Morozov added that after 20 years the earnings of pop stars soared more than ten times, reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

He noted that the pandemic coronavirus infection new type (COVID-19) and related restrictions, well-known musicians were less likely to invite for the corporate events.

Morozov also revealed the fee of the Soviet singer Sofia Rotaru. According to him, in the late 90s, her speech was estimated at $17 thousand. In modern times — about 4 times more. According to the CEO, wealthy people invited celebrities for the sake of external effect.

What does it do? To throw dust in the eyes that you are a reliable partner. That is a cool car and diamonds were a symbol of reliable partnership. It’s the same with stars. If you sing or Pugacheva Rotaru, then you’re ahead, — said Morozov.

He noted that in the “zero” earnings of singers “Popper” up, and much of the “blame” themselves businessmen izbalovana stars. The organizer noted that some employers, such as Telman Ismailov, he loved to personally call the musicians, bypassing intermediaries, they asked three times more than usual. Because of this, the fees “skyrocketed”, said Morozov.

In April 2020, former producer of “Tender may” Andrey Razin has predicted the impoverishment of the Russian stars because of the pandemic coronavirus. The crisis hit also the family Pugacheva and Galkina, he assured. Informed about