five days they twice misspelled words on road markings.

Employees of the infrastructure Department of the British Isle in the middle of June started repairing roads and upgrading of road markings in towns and Drink St. John’s. But something went wrong, and instead of gratitude, the road has received criticisms and the jokes in his address.

And the thing is that for five days, workers managed to double write signals and road markings correctly. In the first case, instead of Keep clear (“Hold strip free”, “do Not take”) appears to Keep claer.

a Similar confusion with letters five days later appeared in another city. There is inscriptions Turn left (“Turn left”) appeared mysterious phrase Turn leet.

Blundering road painters are mocked after making embarrassing spelling mistakes TWICE in five days

After numerous jokes in the social media Department staff apologized and promised to correct the error. Although some local residents believe that it is necessary to leave the “creativity” of the road, because such signals will be more to attract attention of drivers.

Catherine Gura