this Thursday I want to talk to you about what to do when things don’t go according to plan. When set to a dozen meetings and stuck in remote plug. When expected to spend the evening with your loved ones, and this man for some reason today I decided that you should break up. When, in the end, had some, shall we say, quite specific ideas about how it will be 2020, and someone up there, it just got canceled, together with our parties, holidays and expected revenues. When everything goes to hell and a natural way of us erupt streams of anger, anger and curses. But there are three ways to harness the elements of Aida. For example, you can:

to Throw a party on the balcony with friends

Many quickly realized that the gardens of Tuscany to us this year not get, and you broke your own cypress trees right on the city balconies. Simple furniture, a pair of creeping green, three bottles of pink and a couple of friends and in General all that is needed to compact the improvised terrace. Remains the choice of music. Here the main problem is briefly formulated as follows: how to avoid the “syndrome Meladze”, according to which any friendly party inevitably turns into a YouTube-disco hits of local artists. Of course, pop covens in the spirit of the early Simachev we treat heart and spirit, but life requires variety.

fortunately for us, Kirill Ivanov, musician and poet with the appearance of the ancient Phoebus, known to us on the project “the biggest Prime number”, quietly took over the educational load. Every two weeks he updates the most distinct from existing playlists in iTunes — Kirill Ivanov: Dancehall.

a Selection of twenty tracks, each of which can be described in three words: just good music. It could be a song anyone but Cyril is not known to the Russian group, gold hit new York in the ‘ 70s or even exotic African Postbank. Standard playlist: and in the feast and in the world, and on the treadmill.

to Dress up. Just

If scientific, it is sometimes useful to shift the locus of control from internal to external — for example, to Refine itself, not internally, and with the facade. Say sometimes one pulls the other. I’m pretty sure that the edge of the abyss where we are all more or less turned out, not necessary to correct the Constitution, and its own appearance — it gives courage. Clothing as art is exactly what my old friends and eternal idol — Nina Neretina and Donis Pupis. Their brand Nina Donis is perhaps most famous for the R��beige phenomenon of Russian culture after the ballet and dolls. Their graphic inspired by constructivism and Parsley outfits entered the best museums in the world, and can be in your closet. Recognizable three notes quilted jackets and tunics — this is, believe it or not, not only exhibit in the Treasury, but also the most comfortable in light clothing. It is not necessary (as demanded by the designers themselves) to iron, it does not require hair and special shoes, and she reliably informs its owner the shameless-happy mood. The new collection is simultaneously unique and similar to all previous — again emphasized conceptually, but this time a little more than a puppet. If only for the dolls does not mean the products Mattel, and simple village toys, made of two handkerchiefs.

This approach to clothing as an art — it seems so obvious, in fact, is less and less common in “the wild”: the couture does not already appreciate on the catwalk the clothes as a statement, as a political position. All this is fine, but sometimes you need a fantasy in the spirit of Viktor and Rolf. I remembered them when I discovered what a simple, confident-looking, but the intricate shirt makes our photo editor Anastasia Yarushkina under the brand with the Tatar name Min Chechek. However, they all came together and child’s play, and a feminist slogan. Beautiful clothing that is so much for you to tell is occasion to check instagram (@min_chechek) this new brand.

to See the beauty in the everyday

the Commonplace — a rather insidious notion, because it means only the frequency of occurrence, the familiarity of the landscape, but not its futility. When the world is down to many of the screen to reminisce about the Great land began with melancholy and bitterness, we took many things for granted. Except that classical music gave the ability for mental travel, but required internal voltage, in any case, as long as it does not appear to the eye, or rather the official TV. Sergei Nurmamed, the visuals the author of many films Leonid Parfenov, together with Theodore Currentzis has created a film, the name of which apply generally to this strange year — Plan B (you can watch the film here). He formally dedicated the last rehearsals of the orchestra Musica Aeterna before the introduction of lockdown, but actually thinking about how great cosmic event changes our relationship with him. In addition to breathtaking abstract sketches in the spirit of the film “Koyaaniskatsi” in the film sound somewhat confused reasoning of people like Marina Abramovic and Romeo castelucci. Look at their faces — in some kind of soothing activity: I understand that all of us a little uncomfortable, and all of us afraid of the world and reconciles with him, Beethoven.