Not the best picture posted Shura instagram. The camera captured the showman, Andrey Derzhavin and the Queen Natasha.

Habitually young singer in the pictures does not look young and pretty and well-fed. It is possible that wrap dress is completely not her style.

Hairstyle with pretzels on his head also looks strange. In their social network, the Queen lays very different pictures.

On the background of recent statements by the wife of singer Sergey Glushko that artists live in poverty, “exposing” the Queen gave the haters the chance to sharpen its teeth.

“Ahhh….as it turns out swell with hunger….and then I heard,but not seen…poor Natasha…”, “Swollen in quarantine”, “do Not know Queen!!!! Seen that was a long time in isolation”.

As previously reported, “the Rambler”, the husband of singer Natasha Koroleva stripper Tarzan at Instagram announced that it would stop all communication with journalists.

Recall a few days ago he said that the artists were in extreme distress. They are deprived of at least some earnings.

However, he cited the example of pensioners who complain.

Publish from Shura Medvedev (@shuramedvedev) 29 May 2020 4:18 PDT