Walking on schedule in Moscow is a necessary decision in a situation of prolonged pandemic coronavirus. If you do not start easing restrictions, which allows people to breathe fresh air and exercise, can be a new outbreak of disease, said the doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov.

“Clearly, these rules are followed. Despite the fact that all of us are bored and want at will, any reasonable person should understand that after such a great period so simply to take and all the produce is impossible, and no country did not. This, of course, will follow immediately flash and the extension of restrictive measures. Any quarantine implies a gradual exit, by definition”, -quotes the words of Alexander Myasnikov Agency city news “Moscow”.

The virologist was skeptical about the “new” version of the appearance COVID-19 Presenter believes that walks on the schedule – optimal and sensible way that will allow people to take to the streets EN masse. Dr. butcher also noted the need to comply with masono-glove mode.

“Gloves – a way to save your skin from frequent use of antiseptics. Thus gloves need to change or wash, or they should be disposable – only then they make sense. If you do not change is a source of infection, any infection, not only in the fashion industry. Everything you touch during the day, keep on your gloves. You can store to touch the potatoes, cucumber, tomato, and then someone will take it. This is the most unsanitary thing that only can be. Therefore, the gloves – Yes, if they constantly change or wash,” said Alexander Myasnikov.

Earlier, the virologist, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor nits of epidemiology and Microbiology named after N. Gamalei Anatoly Alstan told about the need for dense masks for people over 65.