Irina Allegrova over the years performances on stage, created a certain, well remembered by the audience the image of a lush blond curls, bright make-up.

And few people would recognize the singer in a very “non-public form” – no wig, almost no makeup.

One of my friends Allegrova, the singer Alexander Bogdanovich, posted a rare photo – it he and Irina Allegrova with a friend.

Says Bogdanovich, this photo was taken a few years ago in Miami where the singer was previously flat. Later Allegrova got rid of that housing, – says “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Screenshot photo by A. Bogdanovich

Journalists of “KP” went to the doctor-cosmetician that she appreciated the appearance of 68-year-old singer. The doctor noted that the star looks very good, despite the almost complete lack of makeup.

“Without a bright make-up Irina, like many ladies, it looks easier and at home. But still her image is cute and fresh. The singer never young, does not hide the numbers in my passport but due to proper care looks much younger than his age,” stated the doctor.

As reported by “the Rambler”, for 40 years Irina Allegrova maintains the image of luxury blonde.

She goes on stage with a voluminous hairstyle and elegant dresses. This is the way it know most fans.