Residential house of 1932 of construction, which is located in pereulok Sivtsev Vrazhek, waiting for repairs. The building is identified as a cultural heritage site. This was stated by the Chairman of Moskomekspertizu Valery Leonov.

“the Moscow panel approved plans to overhaul the house on crossing of street Sivtsev Vrazhek, Small Vlasyevsky and Starokonushenniy lanes. It was built in 1932 by architect N. And. Ladovskiy and engineer D. S. Lebedev. The house is notable for its unusual shape: it is shaped like the letter “W,” for which he was nicknamed “the house-Shamrock”. As part of the work planned by both internal and external comprehensive repair of the building,” he said.

In the house in the alley Sivtsev Vrazhek lived many famous people: Soviet economist academician Eugene Varga, actor Alexander Kaidanovsky. Also in this house was written by the legendary song “Moscow nights”.

Recall, for the last nine years 1424 object of cultural heritage restored in the capital. Many objects gain a new life, adapt them for modern use, while maintaining the image of Moscow.