American supermodel of Palestinian origin Bella Hadid, which was previously recognized as the most beautiful woman in the world, starred in the advertising campaign of the new summer collection of popular fashion brand Calvin Klein. The series of images appeared in her Instagram account.

footage posted On 23-year-old celebrity poses under the water demonstrating different models of swimsuits. For example, in one photo the model is removed in a bikini orange with black insert. On the other picture she is dressed in a bright pink kit with high waist, and the third — in a similar bathing suit in black.

“to Have the opportunity to work in the water — this is Paradise”, signed Hadid a post with almost 1.4 million likes.

the Author of the shooting made popular by British photographer Charlotte Wales (Charlotte Wales), which worked with such publications as Vogue, Dazed and the New York Times.

Fans have admired the photos of the supermodels in the comments. “Best model!”, “God, you look perfect”, “One of my favorite advertising campaigns! Proud of you, baby”, “it’s Hard to believe that you’re real,” they wrote.

Earlier in July, the body of Bella Hadid for pictures in a bikini inspired fans. Celebrity lifted himself from different angles in the garden of his house. She was wearing bikini in brown, tied head scarf, gold pendant and small earrings.