Flight attendants of the Russian airline Smartavia talked about the most unusual problems and curious cases with which they had to face in the process. This is stated in a study of online service for travelers OneTwoTrip, arrived in edition “”.

So, one of the flight attendants had virtually the whole flight to spend close to a pregnant passenger, who suffered from aerophobia. Several other crew members, travelers has filed a complaint against the stuffiness in the cabin and asked to open a window for ventilation.

in Addition tourists periodically ask staff where it flies at the moment the aircraft and asked the representatives of the flight crews the same question: “aren’t you afraid to fly?”

in addition, according to the findings, today’s passengers are not too keen to get acquainted with flight attendants — only a third of respondents the employees of the airlines, 32.6 percent, noticed that some of the travellers ever were flirting with them.

In this study also spoke about the passenger of a dream for the Russian flight attendants. According to most crew members, you should be polite, calm and asleep. In addition, travelers have impeccable qualities such as friendliness, amiability and responsibility.