The government of St. Petersburg approved changes in city legislation that will establish a monument to the poet Alexander Blok near his Museum-apartment on Dekabristov street. As explained at the meeting, the Chairman of the Committee on urban planning and architecture – chief architect of St. Petersburg Vladimir Grigoriev, at the town-planning regulations there are restrictions on the installation of new monuments in the historical centre, so the approval of the monument should be amended.

"the Draft law foresees amendments to the law relating to the establishment of the territory of placement of monumental works of art at on Dekabristov street.

After the draft is planned to consider the possibility of placing on the territory of the Boulevard, the monument to the poet Alexander Blok. In the vicinity of this Avenue is the Museum of Alexander Block", – said Grigoriev.

He said that it is planned simultaneously with the decision on a monument to create the project and subsequently to carry out works on improvement of the entire Boulevard.

Museum-apartment A. A. Block-street of Decembrists, 57 (branch of the State Museum of history of St. Petersburg) was opened on 25 November 1980, the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Unit in the house where the poet lived for 9 years – from July 1912 to August 1921. The apartment No. 23 Blok died on 7 August 1921.

As noted at the meeting the Governor of Petersburg Alexander Beglov, in November of this year marks 140 years since the birth of the poet. "Unit called the St. Petersburg poet, that’s right, we all love him. But the decision on the placement of the monument should be taken in accordance with applicable legislation, so for the monument we need to make a certain decision, and I think this decision is absolutely correct," said Beglov.