the Ministry of health will reduce time to market of the drug “Favipiravir” from COVID-19. Now the drug is undergoing clinical trials in patients diagnosed with coronavirus. The study is carried out in approved centers throughout Russia with the participation of 330 people.

“the Positive results of a limited program of clinical studies will allow to start the procedure of state registration with the establishment of post-marketing measures. This will greatly reduce the time to market of a medicinal product” – with reference to the health Ministry RIA Novosti reported.

After registration of the drug testing will continue. The Department explained that the expected total duration of studies is from six to twelve months. The first results are encouraging – 60% of patients “taking Favipiravir” already on the fifth day of a test for coronavirus, showed negative result.

the Drug is designed against different types of RNA viruses has previously proven effective in the treatment of severe infections caused by high viral load and have been approved as anti-influenza drugs in Japan. According to Chinese scientists, “Favipiravir” has established itself as the cure COVID-19. The final stage of clinical trials of drugs coronavirus more can be read here.