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“There’s no better time to get my image out,” says the 77-year-old Roger Van Steenberge out In. He was a year and a half ago, it is a miniature version of Maggie De Block, as of yesterday, it is in his front yard with a relevant message that read, “please Stay in your room”.

“I have a ceramic sculpture made when I was in the academy was over. It’s a hobby,” says Roger. “I was sick and tired of always stuff to do and so I just wanted to do something special.” When Roger, a year and a half ago, a photo of Maggie De Block, in the newspaper, and saw it passing by, he felt the inspiration come to mind.

Picture this: IF

“I did have a couple of ceramics works, but once I had it there was a quick response. Most of the people who saw it at an exhibition and found it to be funny.” On social media the picture is to be a success. Although I doubt some of them do, or they will, Maggie found a spot in the garden would be. Roger is also proud of his work: “It has been a year and a half, and found a nice spot in my home. However, given the circumstances, I thought it might be appropriate to be used outdoors. As a result, walkers, also, have a look. And, yes, there she, of course, the exact message read: “please Stay in your room, I think it is.” But I had it already, ‘Thank you.’ to be hanged, to be in the healthcare sector, as a heart under the belt to sting.”

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