on Saturday as told to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” the head of the laboratory of hydrometeorological center of Russia Lyudmila Parshina, in the North-East of the Central Federal district in some places will be intermittent rain in the Kostroma region with the storm. In other regions of Central Russia, mainly without precipitation. Prevailing air temperature at night plus 9 to 16 degrees during the day 20 to 27 degrees, in the South of the Central Federal district (Voronezh, Tambov, Belgorod region) – up to 31 Celsius.

Sunday and early next week at night the weather will be mainly without any precipitations, in the afternoon in some places will be intermittent rain. The prevailing temperature at night is also a plus 9-16 degrees, day 24-30 degrees. August 10 in the North-East will begin cooling to 16-23 degrees.

In Moscow, Saturday partly cloudy, during the day to plus 26, on area to plus of 27 degrees. But the North wind. Day places will be a little rain. Sunday night in Moscow plus 13-15, at the region plus 10-15. A day in the capital to plus 26, on area – to plus of 27 degrees. The wind will continue to blow from the North and the day possible light rain in places.

the same weather will continue on Monday. But on Tuesday will be cooler. Mostly cloudy, probability of precipitation remains small. Night plus 11-16 degrees, and 19-24 Celsius. Wednesday mostly cloudy, light rain. Night plus 8-13 degrees during the day plus 10-15 degrees.

on Thursday and Friday, partly cloudy, no precipitation. The nights are quite cool: just plus 6-11 degrees. In the afternoon, plus 13-18 degrees. The wind is still from the North.

the following weekend – 15 and 16 August – there is a small probability of warming. Night projected plus 9-14 degrees, in the afternoon 16-21 heat. All the same, partly cloudy and a little rain. But the Meteorologist I hope the summer won’t give your position and the heat in August will come back.