In Belarus in Sunday’s presidential election, the results of which Alexander Lukashenko reelected to a sixth term. On the eve of voting it became clear that the main threat to the power of now is the threat of riots, fueled, in the opinion of the official Minsk from the outside. However, neither the cancellation of official meetings, no tough preventive measures will not stop many opposition-minded Belarusians from going outside.”Day of silence” in Belarus formally there is no — such a thing is not stipulated in the legislation. Campaigning is prohibited only on the election day itself. However, this time the authorities tried to organize a kind of “day of silence”, at the last moment, cancelling football matches and big concerts that were planned in the largest cities of the Republic.Their abolition was preceded by a scandal. About the organization of actions under the slogan “Together for Belarus!” and “My Belarus” became known only this week. To participate in the free for spectators concerts were invited to numerous star Leonid Agutin, Vladimir Presnyakov, Stas Pyekha, group “Colors”, Grigory Leps, Boney M, “Syabry”, “Disco Crash”, American rappers Tyga and the SAINt JHN.However, immediately after the announcement of concerts barrage of angry complaints readers have asked for one after another to refuse to participate in actions which could be taken as support of the current authorities. By Friday evening, working almost dismantled established in Vitebsk, Brest, Gomel, Grodno and Minsk concert venue.On the same day has changed and the schedule of the Belarusian football championship, this spring became the symbol of the resistance of Belarus: while the worldwide been canceled and transferred events, local athletes continued to play. Now, however, “due to force majeure” was moved two games in Minsk “Dynamo” (Minsk)—”Smolevichi” and “Minsk”—”Slavia-Mozyr”. Whether this decision because the fans of another match chanted a popular opposition slogan “long live Belarus!” football Federation did not specify.The suspicion of the authorities in relation to the spectacular musical and sports events are not unfounded. After all, one of the most striking political events of the week was on Thursday, the open day of institutions of additional education “Kaleidoscope of creativity”. On the same day in the capital was scheduled election rally of the opposition candidate Svetlana Tikhanovski, already gathered in Minsk tens of thousands of supporters. At this time, to do this it was not possible: in the Park of Friendship of peoples, where she requested to hold the event had already been scheduled hours of the festival in honor of the Day of railway troops — this year it was decided to celebrate it in a big way.Then Svetlana Tihanabcra and its fellow member of the United opposition headquarters, Maria Kolesnikova and Veronika Tsepkalo, was invited to come to Minsk organized by the city authorities open day. Supporters of the opposition listened. On their wrists you could see the white ribbon bracelets, many wore white t-shirts. Two DJ’s from the Palace of youth was included in the repertoire of the feast a song of Viktor Tsoi “Change”. On Thursday they were detained and, as reported by some media, beaten, and on Friday the Central court of Minsk sent both to jail for ten days for “the failure of the concert” by “the inclusion of compositions not conforming to the format of the event”.An alternative campaign for city event were flash mobs — people with white anklets or white t-shirts go Hiking or Cycling, or at certain times in unison waving their hands. But, as the public statements of the Belarusian authorities, it is possible that the election day and subsequent days may be overshadowed by the much more serious mass demonstrations. So, in the intent to organize riots publicly accused detained in Belarus Russians allegedly working in PMC Wagner. On Friday the prosecution “in the organization and preparation of activities that breach public order or active participation therein” also brought a Russian political analyst Vitaly Sklyarov.Meanwhile, according to Minsk, the threat of destabilization remains. The interior Minister of the Republic Yury Karaeu called on the personnel of law enforcement bodies “not to succumb to provocations”. “We will not tolerate chaos and not let to run riot on the streets, believe me, we have enough forces and means to resist those who do not wish to comply with the laws,” promised by his Deputy Alexander Barsukov. And the head of the Central election Commission of Belarus Lidia Yermoshina said that riots may be the goal of the alternative vote in the elections (we are talking about electronic counting system “Voice”, which can register the citizens who have chosen other candidates besides the incumbent President). One possible scenario of protests and riots and said the President Lukashenko. In an interview with Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon, he said: rallies in Brest, for example, were held with the participation of opposition-minded citizens “sole traders” and “studying in Poland” students, children “opposition of parents”. “They are there, of course, treated poles,” the President said. “But I’m not worried about it too, he said.— I do not believe that Belarus has someone to shoot — and the protesters, and in the other direction”.According to Belarusian portal, a number of Minsk shops that sell weapons, recommended to give employees rest on 9 and 10 August. The doors of these shops for consumers similar�� will remain closed.Galina Dudina