According to him, July is expected to really warm. But this does not mean that the heat will every day. Lowering the temperature also will periodically happen. In the Western regions in the second month of summer will be warmer than usual. In the East and in the Volga region, the temperature will be in the normal range. Hot July is going to be in Western Siberia, Krasnoyarsk region and Yakutia. In Yakutia, there is the frequency of occurrence of anticyclones due to climate change. Therefore, the temperature in this cold region, the second month will be high.

In the next five days below normal are expected in the Volga region and the Urals. In the Asian areas, the heat center of Yakutia moves to Krasnoyarsk.

In Moscow again returned the heat. “Monday and Tuesday had a little respite – the temperature was quite comfortable – plus 20-23 degrees. And on Wednesday again 25 MB. By the end of the week the expected temperature rise to plus 30 degrees. This is due to the outflow of warm air masses from Turkey and from the Mediterranean sea,” – said Vilfand.