– the Maximum benefits to the industry who require a large volume of goods without special conditions of carriage. Through the railway will supply metal, wood, crushed stone, sand, cement, mortar, drywall, – said the expert. – Their main consumers on the Peninsula are construction companies. In addition, to be profitable to transport large amounts of grain from the Crimea to the ports of Novorossiysk and Taman. But the greatest benefit will receive the Crimean soda plant. It accounts for 80 percent of all wagons coming from us in the direction of the mainland.

the soda after the opening of the railway gruzomobile on the bridge will be able to save up to 40 thousand roubles on each car. As for grain, carriage of this particular agricultural products is the main cause overloads of road transport. However, on the track “Tavrida” after its commissioning will be installed scales and control tonnage will be mandatory for all carriers. Therefore, traders willing to be spent on rail transportation.

in addition, will benefit the suppliers of fertilizers to the Crimea. But in this segment benefits are not so great, as supplies are seasonal, and their parties are not as large. Now, these goods are mostly transported by road, said Anatoly Curcin, and the restructuring of the logistics will take some time.

– Needs to improve the whole chain from the transport, storage, redistribution of goods, – said the expert. – Not everyone is ready to rebuild, many are already accustomed to road transport, adjusted it.

the head of the Association of road transportation of the Crimea, I am sure that after you debug the railway freight traffic to the Peninsula and back part of the goods for which more suitable wagon party, will be transported by road.

– Imagine the situation when you bought three carriages metal, and 20 tonnes will still not enough. Faster and easier for them to bring avtoforum. Or need to quickly return to the marriage of the wagon party. Also the time factor here could play a crucial role, – says Anatoly Curcin.

the Expert believes that competition will gradually affect the prices and tariffs, logistics companies and does not preclude the dumping policy on the part of individual carriers. However, says Churkin, the difference in price between bus and railway transport in the direction of the Crimea is not so great.

– Yes, the railway transport is the cheapest and cost-effective transport of large volumes of cargo over long distances. For example, from the Far East to the European part of Russia, – said Churkin. But in the Crimea there is such traffic, there are no such volumes of cargo. Even the Crimean wine in China today, driven by road transport. Sausage or scoreportedesja products this one carload parties are not lucky. Reefers insanely expensive, and they need the appropriate supplies.

However, Crimeans will win after the beginning of regular rail freight services, the expert believes, because the gasoline in the Crimea should become cheaper, and fast enough, he said.

– Removed all obstacles to the use of fuel by rail tank cars, – says Anatoly Curcin. – And along with this decline and the associated costs embedded in the price of gasoline and diesel fuel. They certainly should be cheaper, and it will happen not in the distant future, and now.