Over the past two days in the Russian capital dropped a record rainfall of more than 140% of the monthly norm.

This is a unique event for Moscow, says the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center Roman Vilfand. His words are quoted by the TV channel “360”.

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heavy rain in Moscow has caused the front sections of the southern cyclone, which came in the European part of Russia and Ukraine.

From showers city services work in the strengthened mode. Involved 470 brigades emergency services GBU “roads”, JSC “Mosvodokanal” and state unitary enterprise “mosvodostok”. In the mode of increased readiness 298 emergency crews engineering companies and prefectural districts.

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Earlier in the Roshydromet predicted periods of extreme heat. They are expected in the summer on the European part of Russia, but to say exactly when and in which regions they occur, technically it is impossible.

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