In the middle of the last century, the Anatolian village that grew up at the railway station, flourished: mining of gold and platinum, six hundred inhabitants, two schools, shops, farm, feeding not only the rural constituency, located thirty kilometers heart of the Ural industry is the city of Nizhny Tagil. Now here no schools, no shops, and permanent residents of nothing – 122, in summer due to vacationers three times more. And everyone aches for the fate of the Anatolian.

I live here half a century, the last five years are the head. See that the local government is wrong: our administration simply doesn’t want to do their job – outraged Boris Panov.

a Few years ago the village was closed inpatient nurse. FAPs arrives in the Anatolian twice a week, and the old room is idle.

We 2016 proposed to organize a cultural institution, club or hut-reading room. There you can not only leisure activities to pursue, but also, say, elections. We know where we vote now? In the room where the railway workers change. The smell of one another… And then whitewash, paint – fail or what? – surprised Boris Panov.

correspondence with the administration continues in its fourth year. The building is so old that even the repair will not be saved. Or save, but the costs in the foreseeable future is not planned. In 2018 it is in the gratuitous use of Nikolo-Pavlovsk territorial administration (part of structure of administration of the Urban GO – approx. ed.). It is, according to the official account, which is the head Urban TH Dmitry annuals gave “RG”, going to use it “as non-residential premises for the solution of issues of local importance in the village of Anatolian”. And cultural institutions in the district according to the standards enough. Only here near to the Anatolian – ten kilometers. Too far to run to the dance and literary events.

Who and what questions planned to address the building of the former infirmary, and what prevents to find another room, could not figure out: Dmitry annuals did not want to communicate with the correspondent “RG”, citing the fact that told in detail about everything in writing.

the Villagers, of course, be turned out. Holidays are satisfied, on the Playground, which five years ago with his own means established the local resident Andrey Yushkov, invested 600 thousand rubles.

I was in an improve group – says Boris. – We arrived in Nikolo-Pavlovsk administration, said you wanted to put a Playground in such a place. They: “Yes, let’s.” The head of the city district was then Alexander Sergeyev, he even the opening came, there are photos and videos. And then it turned out that the court is in the row railway. We didn’t know that. Why weren’t we told?..

Sverdlovsk Railways requires local authorities to recognize the object ownerless, to dismantle or move: to use the land for the court, impossible, and dangerous – too close to the tracks.

In the administration say: request for approval of the project, the allocation of land and other documents have been received, permits no one gave, the owner is not specified, so the authorities have no rights to perform actions on the object. Options for site search, but it’s hard: high density residential development.

– you Know, after my appeal to the media and your requests to our administration, we have decided the issue on the water, – says Boris Panov. – A few years, local authorities refused to take the balance of the well and the column, which now serves the railroad. Instead, they were going to drill a new well, we didn’t want – they would be shallow, and the water not so clean. And yesterday it became known that, like, take the balance of our supply system.

the News of Boris Alekseyevich, of course, pleased, but his hands almost fell.

– Tired of banging your head against the wall, he says. My objective is to know the problems of their territory to notify the administration work together to find solutions. Offers from us, go and help virtually no. We’re not asking for anything extraordinary. Even to repair the roads themselves are thrown off annually collect thousands of 10-15, purchase of river pebble, asking the administration of the bulldozer and we pour the problem areas. When we changed the transmission tower and pulled the new cables, we have collected 15 thousand roubles and bought lamps for flashlights – we now have the whole village is lit. Beauty! If we didn’t, the village is quite gone. The administration is always some excuse, unsubscribe, paperwork. The feeling that dismiss us like annoying flies.

Dismiss not always. Sometimes the initiative is literally crumbling under the onslaught of government agencies. In 2017 in the village Neverkino Saratov region broke the hockey court that was built by private funds local farmer. 17 years trained young athletes, and then government officials considered that the site is unsafe for children. In the Tyumen region last year destroyed the road, which the local used thirty years, and themselves put in order – turns out it was built in violation of all requirements.

In 2013, Ekaterinburg almost left without the orange shades near the Opera house, which is already seven years appear on the lampposts in January, weaving to the delight of the townspeople and guests of the winter landscape and notes home. The author of the installation – Timothy Radya, Forbes magazine named it one of the most promising young xhudojnikov Russia. In the first year of the administration of perceived work hostility: “Installation of shade leads to an increase in the wind load on the supports, the effects of which can have a damaging effect on the structural elements of street lamp, cause injuries to pedestrians, increase the fire risk object”. Support survived the accidents happened. The painter after some time, he dismantled the art object, and the following year hung again – without any approvals. This time the Creator of the Mr. not so much, and then completely stopped: the essence of street art in spontaneity, so let him do as the soul asks.

Strange: on the one hand the government encourages citizens to be active, giving grants and arranging contests, on the other – a public initiative and then runs into indifference, indifference and bureaucratic barriers.

– Often local officials working in the old way, – the Director of Institute of system political researches Anatoly Gagarin. They think outdated, do not understand what civil society, what those initiatives are. Try to maintain just what the top is correct – for example, social projects. Else consider using a very large magnifying glass, plus there is the “insider” community with their ideas. But with some effort anything is possible. The same presidential grants to sometimes easier than support from the local administration.

Officials can understand: residents will set-done, and the answer of the administration. To deal with the regulators and to bring the facility into compliance with regulations – are also civil servants. So try to nip it in the Bud endeavors, so less hassle there. But how can there be development with this approach?

– the civil service came a new generation that grew up in the 1990s. They are only interested in money, self-interest and welfare, to people do not care, – said the official with years of experience, in the past held a high post in the government of the Sverdlovsk region. – Previously the head of municipal entities no day not sat every day – a detour of settlements. Now, unless someone goes? Until a change of generation will come those who are willing not only to push the paper, nothing will change. In General, it all depends on who is at the helm, how he would deliver the work the way it is.

Indeed, the government agencies need people who are able not only to dryly explain why “no”, but to do something that was “Yes.” And maybe, over time, the term “official” will lose the negative connotations.

– while studying the guys who plan to associate themselves with the state service, eyes burning. They create projects, write an individual approach to work with the population, brilliantly know laws��DateList strongly against corruption, – said head of chair of theory and sociology of management of the Ural Institute of managment doctor of sociological Sciences Alexander Vatoropin. – And then come to the service, face reality, hear the advice “experienced” colleagues, and something in them breaks. Of course, that’s not all. The civil service is very much conscientious, honest and responsible people. And the shortcomings of the indifference and disregard on the part of officials, I think, is to attract attention, or to change something in the system will not work. Citizens, I would advise not to give up: you write queries that ask for help to the deputies, journalists – to get their way.