The Orthodox activist Sergey Aliyev gave his explanation as to why the journalist and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak broke his nose. He told about it URA.RU.

As reported by “the Rambler”, it was previously reported that Sobchak became interested in the scandal surrounding chiyoumen Sergius.

The Orthodox activist Sergey said that in Ekaterinburg has arrived the Director from the team Sobchak, who a few days spoke with him and was filming material for the film. It was assumed that the star will come to the Urals, on 25 June. But on this day it became known that Sobchak broke his nose and got a concussion.

According to Aliyev, the TV presenter broke his nose after he deceived them, saying that he came not to her people.

“it is Not God’s joke, not to lie, to not live according to conscience. When you do that with people who help you from the heart, here comes the admonition,” – said Aliyev.

Orthodox activists stressed that initially the representatives of Sobchak told him that he will make a movie about people who do not believe in the coronavirus, including about chiyoumen Sergius.

“I said that to withdraw will not, but will help where I can. In mid-June, came Sergey Irikov — kind of like the Director of this film. I said to him: “Go to the monastery, record father Sergius, and then me. Gave him the car, the driver. After shooting, we released the news that preparing such a film,” he explained.

According to Aliyev, it was later revealed that the purpose of Sobchak — to make a film about father Sergius, and not about the coronavirus, and Orthodox activist, she was called agent provocateur.