The plastic surgeon has evaluated the nature of the injury of the nose received by Ksenia Sobchak.

After publishing the video with a broken nose fans of Ksenia Sobchak suspected that “fall” that led to “fractured nose”, the presenter hides is scheduled rhinoplasty.

Star surgeon Timur Nugaev in an interview with “Politeksperty” assured that Sobchak had indeed undergone emergency surgery following trauma to the nose.

“you Can also see that on the one hand there is a bruise. But if you are running a stage of rhinoplasty as an osteotomy (artificial bone fracture), the bruise always two sides. When the bruise on the one hand, it is often found that after the natural fracture of the nose. Hematoma appears at the half, which was more damaged…,” said Nugaev.


He also noted that the presenter has no tampons in the nose and there are no special splits that are always used in rhinoplasty.

Sobchak went to the convent

The expert also drew attention to a hospital interior on the background. In his opinion, Sobchak is in a public hospital in the Department of maxillofacial surgery and ENT surgery.

As reported by “the Rambler”, on the eve of Ksenia Sobchak said that broke his nose and underwent surgery. The video, posted TV presenter, she appeared with a bandage on the bridge of the nose and spread with ink, stating that he is in the hospital.