So, kids is to introduce the book “Pettson goes camping” Sven Nordqvist. This is part of the popular series by Swedish writer about a good-natured old man Pettson and his kitten Findus.

for older Children, the librarian advises show “Walking with Mary Poppins” Helen Gruver. This book tells of the artist with a tracery of illustrations of characters from fairy stories by English writer Pamela Travers.

older Children will probably like “the Door in the meadow” Leo Kuzmin, I’m sure Catherine Rudin. “This is the Permian Komi tales that told the Soviet writer Lev Kuzmin and illustrated by the artist Nikolai Popov. Tales can become a discovery for both children and adults,” she explains.

In fourth place in the list “Doll” Gennadiy Cherkashin. This is a touching story about a little girl who was left in the besieged Leningrad, his favorite doll, given to a grandfather. Nightmares of the war in the book, but the children’s excitement passed very well.

Adolescents recommended two books. The First “German” Lars Christensen Sobi. The work tells about 11-year-old boy who is rapidly going bald because of illness. Laughing at him peers, but that doesn’t make him callous or angry. In a reissued version of the book on the cover there is an inscription: “For those who do not love themselves.”

the Latest in the list is the “Enemy” of David Cali. In the book the narrative is first-person – exhausted and war-weary soldiers mentally puts himself in the place of his enemy.


Other books, recommended by readers and staff of children’s libraries Moscow, you can see under the heading “” on the website of the municipality.