And we went in the XIV century, when Europe was attacked by the plague, and the notorious Cumans, and she still defended the contracts, sentences, understatements and zaovalennymi stones. Everything in the series is done, I must say, is gorgeous, and for the time of self-imprisonment even to the point of impossible: the jewel-like colors, rich interiors, gingerbread exteriors, wigs, costumes and hats of the type “wear – do not want.” We are just warning you that hint today will not. And furious Cord competently sings medieval ballad about the fact that you can go crazy, sidyuchi locked up.

In Europe, all well and oxetine. The guards talk about carousing plague, which, they say, sent these… the Mongols. Namakarana ladies reputable broadcast from the Windows that no plague is actually there. Baron (stunning organic Maxim lagashkin) tired in search of someone else to execute. His overripe daughter got tired of waiting groom. And then turned up a blonde lad, who, though already has his own bride, and she had been waiting for, and he, in isolation, to straighten her a pass, you need to put the stamp somewhere on the backside – the normal, habitual alignment of forces and events.

the Show comes hot on the heels of the latest news, overstayers actors clearly enjoying the opportunity to stretch your talents, but also personally slapped blows tightly around us absurdity. Actors different degrees of talents, anecdotes of different degrees of success – as indeed always happens with hot, straight from hell’s furnace, one-liners on fresh, straight from the people’s uncultivated patches, theme. Another wince from too facile jokes (“I’m banned – get him for a bath”), a time to admire the skill of grafting to a living antediluvian story commercial advertising, when a brand new movie with Bondarchuk announces court magician veshchunov in the hood. The severity from the category of those that are called flat, and I’m honestly confused: they are far from refined subtleties, but still good. Oh, this is the current situation: almost any news out of the box looks like a joke without any literary treatment. This feature of the experience of the era accurately captured by the authors and, in General, actual ages – as it is conceived, devised, staged, painted, and played – not deny the wit. Yes, it’s jokes are one-time use, they are funny and good, accurate shot latest TV news, but in this capacity to work accurately.

our eyes are constructed online the theater of miniatures, or a long-forgotten genre of kinofilmen. He grinned and jumped off newspaper pages, turned inside out latest news, born to make Kafka come true – because that is what has created all of us and with the whole world notorious pandemic: everything checked out on isgib, for resistance, and staggered pillars and fell the house of cards and the secret was revealed, and kings – naked. Fallen on us, a new reality has given comedians so much food for parodies and sameparty that watch the show with a sort of vindictive pleasure that no frame – magnifying mirror, and in it we see ourselves in the whole unvarnished glory, which is and makeup is not necessary, but if with make – up- so all the buzz! From recognition routine of today’s conflicts, our virtual zoom events, and our stupid bets lost, heroes debunked time and its naive victims becoming bitter and fun: as you know, humanity is forgiven for laughing in the past, but when it’s laughing at the present and the uncertain future – that even the saints fans.

Removed ultra-modern iPhone and permeated medieval melos (music by Sergey Shnurov), episode “the Plague!” one of the first products stream-ivi platform, apparently, claiming to be Russian Netflix. It was invented by a team of authors under the guidance of creative producer Alexander Lethargic and very ingeniously put Director Beibulat Betulin (TV series “the Big game” and “Love triangle”). Until the Internet, only the first two series of the first season – now it’s wondering where all this is pulled out, and retain authors is taken from the bat, courage and drive.