TEL AVIV may 28 — RIA Novosti. to Hurry with the mass introduction of vaccines from COVID-19, the development of which are now dozens of research labs around the world, it is not necessary, because the risk of side effects, said an Israeli immunologist, head of Department at the Hadassah hospital Ar and Tsofim Professor Jacob Berman.

According to the doctor, modern technologies allow to reduce time of research and test the effectiveness and safety of vaccinations. If before they were developed and tested by decades and years, it is now a matter of months or a few years. “In the case of SARS epidemic in the early 2000s, it was thought that quickly found and developed the vaccine, and the test then lasted about five years. Now technologies allow to reduce the time, but still need time to understand what the vaccine is effective,” the doctor said.

as an example, when the hurry with the introduction of vaccination has led to undesirable consequences, immunologist gives a history of vaccination against rotavirus in Israel, happened about 10 years ago. Starting to mass vaccinate against the virus that causes severe gastroenteritis, doctors are faced with dangerous consequences.

“One of the first products, which began to apply in Israel — he’s already passed the first and second phase of the test, and when it began EN masse to give to thousands of people, they saw that it causes intussusception (kind obstruction — ed.) of the intestine. Already over of study, has been started to give people, and then had this vaccine to be removed from production. And now everything is so in a hurry, but it is important to know what will happen next,” warned the Professor.

Now search for a vaccine are dozens of research laboratories around the world, developers have different methods, and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. According to the Professor, to date, about 10 laboratories in the world have moved to phase human studies, and the greatest interest was aroused by the results of the Chinese scientists, published a few days ago, the authoritative medical journal the Lancet.

“the Main thing — it (vaccine — ed.) showed no serious side effects first, secondly, proven immunogenicity of the drug — 90% of subjects developed antibodies against the virus and cell reaction was. They saw that two weeks after vaccination was cell response, and in four weeks was the maximum level of antibodies. And this is a similar reaction with what is happening in the present disease,” said immunologist. According to him, he had not heard about Russian laboratories that had advanced beyond this stage.