As it became known “Kommersant”, the Board of Rostec approved the establishment of a mutual insurance society (OVS) to protect the risks of subsidiaries of the Corporation. Supporters of the mutual model of insurance claim that way of the Corporation because of the crisis going and other representatives of the business, since the protection risks under the OVS policy is significantly cheaper than commercial insurance. Insurers disagree, arguing that their risk coverage is broader and ultimately more attractive.The Board of the state Corporation rostec, approved the establishment of mutual insurance companies for its subsidiaries. Just rostec involved in equity 4,5 thousand enterprises and 1.5 thousand of them are in control. Recall that OVS is the format of the non-profit organization. The participants deduct contributions, which covered their risks. OVS is owned by the policyholders, and managed by them.The CEO of the insurance broker “Rosteh” — “RT Insurance” — Nikolay Galushin confirmed to Kommersant the decision is: “OVS will be created for the purpose of property insurance — the basic production assets of industrial enterprises of state Corporation”. According to him, of all types of insurance products used by enterprises of Rostec, “the insurance meets our needs the least” — this is because the nature of activity of the enterprises of the military-industrial complex, as well as “with a limited selection of offerings in the insurance market.” Creation of OVS is intended to remedy this situation, to create an inner system of insurance and risk management, enhance the level of security of enterprises, to ensure prompt settlement of losses for insurance claims, says Nicholas Galushin. According to “Kommersant”, to insure the DSB will be production assets, which the insurance did not covered.OVS Rostec summer intends to obtain a license of the Central Bank, and by the end of the year to enter into contracts with members of the society of insurance of the property. According to the law of the EIA participants can be no more than 500 legal entities, so the entry into society of all enterprises of Rostec will be possible only after changes to this rule. Insurance broker in the structure of the Corporation will remain, but will eventually be converted into a management company’s risk appetite.Note that in recent weeks it already the second initiative is the creation of OER. Previously, “Kommersant” wrote about the prospect of OVS operators (see 26 may). Vice-President of the National Association of mutual insurance companies Ivan Davydov says that “in the crisis, the company will reduce non-core costs and insurance are the first to feel it.” According to him, mutual insurance will always be cheaper than commercial, so business can go on this way protection against risks. “Cheaper because no Commission rewards don’t need to lay in the rate of profit dividends to owners of the company, or rather the selection of risks and more information for their billing,” lists Ivan Davydov. Prolonged absence of payments to members of the society at all possible so-called gold policy — when funds OVS accumulated so that there is no need to pay for protection risks.Insurers with these arguments I bet. “This is an old debate, which is cheaper to insure — allied or the insurer,— says Deputy head of “Ingosstrakh” Ilya Solomatin.— For example, in France between the allied and insurers there is competition, from the perspective of actuarial calculations, it is quite real.” According to him, for the protection of risks of “Rostec” OVS would require significant capital, we should not forget about catastrophic risks. (Note, however, that OVS can use the function of reinsurance, as well as the insurers.) “The insurer may provide coverage of risks is wider and more attractive, insists Ilya Solomatin.— Big business more attractive to make your insurer to earn a profit.”Head of reinsurance “subsidiary” of Bank — Republic popular — Natalia Karpova says that for the markets of insurance and reinsurance create OVS will mean loss of premiums, on the one hand, and no need to compensate potential losses on the other. “The numbers depend on the type and quality of the risks, which will be given to OBC, on the number of participants and their contribution to the Fund,” she said.The Central Bank did not comment on the prospects for the emergence of a new big player. Analysts also much competition between OVS and insurers do not expect. “OVS is, in my opinion, are only effective when risks are homogeneous, i.e. do not require specialized underwriting and a complex tariff model,— told “Kommersant” Director of the group ratings of financial institutions of an ACRE Alexey Bredikhin.— All other cases remain the insurers”.Tatyana Grishina