Showman Gauguin Solntsev decided to relax with the old wife Catherine Tereshkovich and girlfriend Lydia in the village. As is often the case with custom couple, the voyage turned into a showdown and scandal.

Gauguin and his companion set his groupies Galina women that much older than him but younger than the Tereshkovich. About results of visit fun the company said in a live TV show “live”.

It turned out that Galina and Gauguin spent the night in the hayloft and indulged in there talking about life. Catherine did not believe that it was limited to one conversation and scandal. Not buying and Lydia. As a result, both companion Solntseva went on a Bender at a local bar. As a result, the Tereshkovich, concentrated who kept a was with addiction to the green snake, again had a ball.

“my husband is in the hayloft slept with some idiot” – summed up the Tereshkovich. “Galya — village cunning woman” said she.