The scientific Council of the “Higher school of Economics” discussed the issue of reorganization of the faculties of law and Humanities, Council members approved changes in the internal organization of the faculties.

At the faculty of law will be eliminated, several structural units, as well as a new research and education institutes, laboratories and centers in priority directions of development of the faculty, reported on the HSE website.

In addition, the faculty will include some existing institutions – the Institute for law and the HSE-SKOLKOVO Institute of problems of administrative-legal regulation and law Institute of the digital environment.

At the faculty of Humanities there has been a consolidation of departments. Instead of school philosophy and school of cultural studies created a school of philosophy and cultural studies. Instead of two “philological” departments – the school of Philology.

New program development involves the creation of the HSE in place of existing departments and schools, which dealt exclusively with personnel development, but did not have their own resources for the development of research projects “grid” of large projects and scientific research and design units, which unites the HSE staff on the basis of a common research agenda. The academic Council in the fall decided that three departments undergo reorganization in 2020, the other in the years 2021-2023.

In the process of reorganization will be reduced by the part of the teaching rates entered rate researchers. According to the concept of a single contract scientific and pedagogical HSE employees, scientific employees mandatory teaching, and colleagues who rate professors – conduct research work.

In addition, the faculty of Humanities goes to the standard for other faculties of the HSE faculty ratio rates and number of students. Historians and philosophers of reducing the load on the other departments of the HSE.

Scientists FGN is advanced more than 30 projects of new research structures. Past faculty competition has helped to identify the most promising of them, the winners declared. However, in July work on further “setting up” projects will be continued by joint efforts of the Dean’s office and rectorate. According to the results of work of the project groups during the 2020-2021 academic year will be considered the possibility of converting the most successful of them in individual research and design the structural units (institutes, centers, and laboratories).

“The projects that will receive support in the first phase will receive the status of SLG and SLA and if necessary initial financing. The criteria are simple – viability of the topic for Russia, the scientific reputation of the authors of the project, the credibility of building a “great team”, the presence of cooperation with external partnerAMI (for applied projects – the presence of the customer), the number of students involved in the project. HSE – state University, and directions of research determined by the priorities of scientific and technological development, established in established in the strategy of scientific and technological development of Russia”, – said the first Vice rector Leonid Gokhberg.

Based on the decision of the academic Council, the rector, within its authority took the decision on liquidation of the reformed structural units of the faculties. “The wording that we originally considered, meant that we immediately determine who is invited to the new structure and who is not. I consulted with the deans and the heads of a new structural unit, spoke with several employees, and I have the impression that needed more time – maybe two or three weeks, maybe a month – for the new leaders we decided this. And colleagues from the reformed structures should be given an additional chance to propose and justify new projects,” – said the rector Yaroslav Kuzminov.

“the Reorganization of the faculty of law is in line with the HSE. The basis of reform will be the concept of development of the faculty of law, which we discussed with the teaching staff in June. In addition to educational challenges we face and the scientific: we have to provide faculty resources for the development of research projects, forming research groups and projects of different departments. Over the summer, will feature all the necessary documents and from September will start the learning process in a regular mode”, – said the Dean of the faculty of law Vadim Vinogradov.