The reaction of the USA and other Western countries for the adoption of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation is quite predictable, the proposed rules will make our country stronger, what I don’t want criticism of Russia, the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

"Their reaction to these amendments, decisions perfectly predictable. Once again I want to emphasize this: they want to see our country as weak, they want us to have problems that we have experienced in 90-e years, in the late ‘ 80s", – said Volodin in the First channel.

In the opinion of the speaker of the house, discontent in the West is a serious weighty argument, including to critics of the proposed amendments that "we are on the right track, we did everything right".

"the Proposed rules of the Constitution, make our country stronger, so this chorus of critics now revived: they just do not want Russia was a strong state that people in our country lived safely. They want us, they want to weaken our country. What now happened, for them it is a unpleasant event, and I can only say one thing that we enter the development stage", – said Volodin.

USA is concerned about voting on constitutional amendments in Russia, a particular concern of Washington called "the potential" Putin to remain President until 2036, told RIA Novosti on Thursday at the state Department. The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova in response to these statements advised Washington to deal with its internal problems.

Voting on amendments to the Constitution took place in Russia from 25 till July 1, according to the results of processing 100% of protocols for the adoption of amendments voted 77,92% of Russians against – of 21.27%. The turnout, according to the information center of the CEC data, amounted to 67,97%.

An initiative to amend the Constitution by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, disclosing the annual message to the Federal Assembly on 15 January 2020. Changes to the basic act on new demands to the President, Cabinet members and government officials of different levels, consolidate the social guarantees of the state to the citizens, to change the terms of reference of the Parliament, prohibits the alienation of Federal territories, establish the status of the Russian language. In addition, the amendments allow the incumbent President to run again for the post in 2024. Amendments to the Constitution President issued on a nationwide vote.