In 2020 the project will upgrade seven children’s polyclinics (DP) – in Raichihinsk, Tynda, Zeya, Konstantinovka, Free and Blagoveshchensk. It will send more than 240 million rubles for the regional project “Programme of development of children’s health, including the creation of a modern infrastructure of rendering of medical aid to children”.

In may, started the reconstruction of children’s polyclinic №1 in the regional center.

– She was the first since it began a large-scale renovation of children’s hospitals in the region – said Vasily Orlov. – Here we will introduce the principle of “lean clinic” that will reduce wait times, to get rid of the queues at the reception Desk due to the Informatization of enterprises will be introduced an electronic appointments, electronic medical records, electronic recording of laboratory and functional studies. It will give economic impact.

Annunciation DP No. 1 was repaired in 2009. The current transformation on a larger scale, this will change not only the interior, but partly functional areas. On the renovation project, and directed almost 54 million rubles under the program of development of child health.

– Renovation is in full swing. Already carried out the dismantling, there is a laying of brick walls and partitions. The building will replace Windows, doors and roof. In the course of construction and installation works will hold a partial redevelopment, and establish a new system of heating, water supply, sanitation and electricity, – said the acting Minister of construction and architecture of the Amur region Nikolay Siberians. But we are faced with the need to carry out additional works not covered by the project. In the near future the specialists of the construction control, together with designers will make changes to documentation and eliminate the identified shortcomings.

Chief engineer of the company “Stroykom” performing repair of the clinic, Alexander Smirnov has promised that additional work will not affect the contract price.

All will take care of it, he said. The most difficult part was the basement, it was flooded as a result of recent heavy rainfall.

by the Way, first in the basement furnace No. 1 was located the closet. In the renovated clinic, he will move to the floor.

– Implementing lean technologies, we have made alterations and has optimized the space. Vaccination and treatment rooms will be located separately. In surgical and orthopedic offices will appear dressing. The filter will be organized for children with signs of infectious diseases. We marrucinorum cabinets – this will avoid crowds in the hallways. After the repair is good, beautiful and comfortable – and children, doctors and parents, said head of the clinic №1Татьяна Yalama.

Updated clinic doukomplektuet equipment and new furniture. At the final stage of works will improve the adjacent territory.

According to the adviser of the Minister of construction and architecture of the Amur region Igor Agafonov, all seven children’s clinics, which should carry out repairs on behalf of the Governor of the Amur region should be ready before the end of 2020.

the Governor also appreciated the process of the reconstruction of the Department of anesthesiology and intensive care Department of the Amur regional clinical hospital (OKB).

I’ve been watching the progress on surveillance cameras, – said Vasily Orlov. – The object is very important. Reconstruction of the intensive care unit will significantly improve the quality of medical care, to provide comfort for patients, reduce the mortality of the population.

within 25 years from the date of opening the Department had been out of repair.

– the Amur regional clinical hospital – our parent Agency. This is the only tysyacheletia hospital, which provides specialized high-tech medical care. In some areas, such as neurosurgery, maxillofacial surgery, proctology, it is the only medical institution of the Amur region. Intensive care unit provides assistance to all patients who need intensive therapy, and it’s one for the whole hospital, stressed the importance of the ongoing overhaul of the acting Minister of health Svetlana Leontief.

To get a major update began in August 2019, completion of works was scheduled for may 2020.

– due to the spread of coronavirus infection has been a shift of time. Introduced because of the pandemic of limitations did not permit all the necessary materials on time, – explained Nikolay Siberians.

According to acting Minister of construction and architecture, the builders catch up with the schedule and in August, the intensive care unit will be commissioned.

– looking forward to this moment. Global repair is completed: the number of intensive care beds was increased to 15, dedicated facilities for relatives of patients, purchased modern equipment, in particular ventilators, anesthesia station, defibrillators, EEG system. Of course, it will improve the quality of medical care, it will be possible to introduce more modern methods of treatment, – said the chief doctor of OCB Olga sapegina.

the Total cost of the reconstruction project is $ 295 million rubles, including construction and installation works cost of 90 million, the remaining amount directed to the purchase of medical equipment. The financing facility is for a “single grant”, that is, the means from the Federal budget for social development of centers of economic growth in the far East.

In General, said Deputy health Minister Natalia Gasanova, in 2020 on capital repairs of medical institutions from the regional budget allocated 493 million rubles. In addition to seven children’s clinics and departments of anesthesiology and intensive care of AACB is subject to reconstruction surgical unit hospital Tynda, what is the purpose of 180.6 million. The planned overhaul of the Tambov clinics and two hospitals, adult polyclinics No. 2 and 3 in Blagoveshchensk. In 2020 will have to prepare project documentation for these objects, and 2021-m – proceed to the execution of construction works.