the Candidate of medical Sciences, endocrinologist of the Pavlova Zuhra explained how to get the metabolism and hormones after related COVID-19 prolonged isolation.

to bring himself back to normal, you need to get rid of excess weight. According to the endocrinologist, obesity is a sure path to accelerated aging. The fat from the body does not go without a regular intake of fluids, warned the endocrinologist.

– Without oxygen, no fire, and without water fat out of the body. With water from the body toxins, improves metabolism, – said in an interview with the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” senior researcher, faculty of fundamental medicine of Moscow state University, adding that the fluid among other things interrupts the urge to eat.

Also, for recovery, the doctor recommended to include in the diet of seasonal vegetables, fruits, berries. But it is important to be aware of the portions, otherwise you can harm your health.

you Should be careful with vegetables, where especially a lot of carbs – carrots and beets. Also, to the extent necessary to use berries and fruits – they have quite a lot of fructose, and glucose.

So, one of eaten Apple or peach, you can get more benefit than from the dish with the peaches. Moreover, if there is such amount of fruit for several days, said the candidate of medical Sciences.

For good health and a healthy metabolism specialist also advised to arrange daily activities, sleep and pass simple tests (General blood analysis, analysis for glucose, insulin, uric acid, total cholesterol) to assess the metabolism of the body.