the Governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko had COVID-19. This was reported by the press service of the government of the Leningrad region, citing an interview the head of the region gave to local TV channel “ЛенТВ24”.

Alexander Drozdenko told about the disease. “I avoided the question, – admitted the Governor, because to tell the truth I have no right”. According to the head region, feeling unwell, he immediately returned home and went to the doctors. The next day it became known that the analysis of COVID-19 gave a positive result.

hospitalization Drozdenko refused – continued to work from home, in remote format observing the strict isolation. The disease is passed in the next two weeks with the coronavirus symptoms, but not severe. Already on the fifth day, the doctors stated that the virus gave complications in the lungs.

After fourteen days of isolation of the recovered Governor back to work as usual. As reported in the government of the Leningrad region, Alexander Drozdenko present in the workplace since may 5.