the management decided to some of the paintings have been selected to organize the festival premiere in may next year, and some show on the platform of the other festivals that still hope to go next fall in San Sebastian, Toronto, Deauville, Lyon, new York, Pusan and Venice.

Now, Cannes see my mission is to help talented works, the fate of which hung the pandemic is still to get its audience in large auditoriums, for which they are intended. With this in mind, in April the General Director of the Cannes film festival Thierry Fremaux talked about the need for unity and solidarity of the world’s film festivals for which time to fulfil their main task is to facilitate the successful development of the film industry. Selected for further advancement of the Cannes film Directorate is going to announce in early June.

however, many prominent filmmakers doubt that the film industry can function successfully without the promotion of the festival. “It is able to be Korean “Parasites” to swim to the surface, they not having received a prize at Cannes!” – wrote on his page in Facebook screenwriter and Director Paul Schrader.

He only had a few days to complete the work on the film “Sharpie” with Oscar Isaac and Willem Dafoe, and now he blames the producers for their lack of courage to finish these shots even in the current environment. The Director doubts that any festivals will be held this fall, he sees all these serious reasons to think that you have to cancel and the Berlin festival, scheduled for February 2021. Unlike many colleagues, Schroeder sees the future of film industries, in organizations large and resonant virtual festivals, the pioneer of which would, in his opinion, to speak of such a stream is a giant like Netflix.

As is known, in compensation a million viewers his absence in this year’s world film festivals have joined forces in the virtual festival We Are One (“We are one”), which will be held online from may 29.