In June, the pandemic coronavirus in Russia finally began to decline. However, in some regions the governors make decisions about the extension of self-isolation, including people aged over 65 years, for which Сovid-19 are the most dangerous. In this regard, the Government has taken the necessary measures to ensure that all working citizens of this age could continue to stay home. Currently workers over the age of 65 years can make or shed hospital to remove the restrictions in your area. You can apply remotely from the comfort of home.

the head of the government Mikhail Mishustin signed the Decree of the Russian Federation, according to which working pensioners over 65 years of age, to observe the regime of self-isolation, can get the electronic hospital from 15 June until the lifting of restrictions in your region. This decision belongs to the citizens who reside in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, where the decision of the authorities continues to operate the isolation for older people. For example, until June 29, mode isolation for people aged 65+ is extended in the Sverdlovsk region. Accordingly, the working people of the region at this age have the right to issue a certificate of incapacity for the relevant period. Employees transferred to the remote mode of operation or in the period vacation, sick time, do not need to register.

E-hospital are paid at the expense of the social insurance Fund directly to the employee for the entire period within seven calendar days from the date of issuance of the hospital. The sick leave will be granted on the basis of which employers electronically sent to the social insurance Fund.

Calculation of the temporary disability allowance made under the standard scheme. Employees having experience more than 8 years, can expect to be paid for all days of disability, on the basis of 100 percent of the earnings of the insured person that accrued insurance premiums in the FSS. To date the maximum earnings per month that is subject to contributions to the social insurance Fund, 961,65 is 69 rubles. The minimum size of temporary disability benefit in the month cannot be below the minimum wage, that is, 12130 rubles. Accordingly, the benefit depends on the employee’s earnings received in the calculation period, and the number of days for which the act of limitations in a particular region. To check the size of temporary disability allowance, which is supposed for you, you can go to the personal account of the beneficiary of the Fund on the website of the social insurance Fund ( To log in to your personal account, simply enter the same login and password that you use for authorization on the portal of state services.

Please note that the payment of allowances for temporary work incapacity is made only to those citizens who do comply with self-isolation.