based purely feminine picture of the real story officers ‘ wives, husbands conduct on the war in Afghanistan and the stood in suspense. In order not to die from a terrible premonitions, they organized clubs: knit sweaters, argue about books, engage in artistic creativity. The heroine of the film can be arranged choir – related conflicts, full of intrigue and small ladies ‘ ambitions, and leave the plot of the script, Rosanna Flynn and Rachel Kinnard. This story would seem primitive absurd, if not performer of the Central Duo of the film – the remarkable British actress Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan. The first plays the wife of Colonel Kate, rank took the place of the leader of the leisure center of the garrison, the second was Lisa, whose husband just received a promotion, and she also claims to leadership roles. Now both rivals, especially since both have different ideas about the methods of leadership. If freedom-loving Liza wants to create, to dare and win, the punctilious Keith and myself squeezed in an iron fist, not allowing to relax and to give in to emotions, and the emerging choir inculcates discipline College of music, with its rote learning of the basics and dreary exercise.

the fix to infiltrate the colorful characters and to portray these Actresses makes the film suitable for viewing. But the directing in it, if you do not consider that the ability to go into the shadows, inviting good Actresses and releasing them into the wild. The script, unfortunately, also: based on the remarkable fact that the authors have not been able to submit not that interesting, but at least reliably and convincingly. They did that women at the first rehearsals showed complete vocal failure and a catastrophic lack of hearing, was suddenly singing the popular hits and showed a quality performance a capella, that they stood and applauded the two thousandth albert Hall. Understand the conditional character of the name, but if the film goes that every cook sleep Maria Callas, he initially did not believe, of course, not gods pots, but not to the same degree!

More than that. In sprightly Liza, was dozing and the little Mozart, not by chance, she referred to him, defending his own work. She spends several days in agony (here the film is almost literally quoted biopic the life of the classics, which had the usual nervous streak the sheets of music-paper, littering the floor with them) and creates a Patriotic song, which you remember, will stand to applaud the discerning albert Hall.

Before triumph finally broke out the main conflict between the two protagonists: their inveterate hostility to each other would break out in the streams of terrible insults, after which the characters in a normal film usually shoot. But both suddenly strike attacks ��strictly shame at his own lack of restraint, and hatred in one moment will turn sisterly love – its ecstasy and merge all the participants of the blissful finale dramedy, in which even the Director did not understand what and why it was removed.

All will end with a Patriotic apotheosis: under the solemn chant the choir of heroines begin to multiply by budding, and now a host of similar choirs will fill the entire space of the screen, and on each write the name of the garrison, in which there is a miracle of musical creativity. Not only misleading enough if at all albert Halls.