Today, employees UFSB of Russia on the Kuban passed into the collection of the Museum of history of Sochi, a unique archaeological exhibits. About it reports a press-service of administration of the resort.

111 items, including spear-heads and arrow, helmets, swords, knives, elements of horse harness, parts of decorations for women’s dresses Dating back to the period of antiquity and the middle Ages, were seized in the course of operational search activities from “black” diggers and illegal collectors.

the Exhibits will Supplement the exposition of our Museum history, as was discovered in the excavations on the territory of Sochi, – said the first Deputy head of the FSB of Russia in the region, the chief of service in Sochi, major-General Victor Sumenkov. – I hope that all these artifacts will help the residents and guests of the resort to gain a more complete picture of the historic development of the peoples who inhabited the North-Western Caucasus during the last two millennia.

the mayor of Sochi Alexey Kopaigorodsky thanked for the gift and noted that the transfer of archaeological artifacts – a landmark event for the city and for the entire region.

According to Elena Guideway, according to the examination of the Krasnodar regional branch of all-Russian society of protection of monuments of history and culture the origin of the main part of the seized items linked to the territory of the North-Eastern black sea coast of Caucasus and belongs to the ancient tribes that lived here from the VII century BC to the NINETEENTH century.

– We have a lot of items received for storage, but this archaeological collection passed to us for the first time, – said the Director of the Museum of history of Sochi Elena Galishchev. Unfortunately, we scientists will never know exactly where these artifacts were found. Lost historical chain, and today’s event is only partially compensates for this loss. So I want to once again remind you that museums are the most reliable custodians of human memory and heritage of previous periods.


Museum of the history of Sochi is one of the oldest in the Krasnodar region. This year it was exactly 100 years. In its vaults are stored about one hundred thousand priceless artifacts, telling about the historical past of our region from ancient times to the present.