These devices need to control traffic safety. Order of Ministry of transport about the equipment of trucks with tachographs was adopted in 2013. First to be fitted with tachographs trucks had individual entrepreneurs and legal entities. Individuals, that is, those who work “privately”, not making yourself as an individual entrepreneur, originally obliged to install tachographs on trucks weighing more than 3.5 tonnes to 1 November 2019. Then the deadline was postponed.

As explained in the Ministry of transport, the process is broken into stages, so that the carriers had to buy the equipment in the workshops and there were no queues. Until March 1 this year, individuals had to install tachographs on trucks weighing more than 12 tonnes, the ecological class of which is not determined by June 1 on the same truck eco class 3 or below. Now it came to trucks 4 ecological class and above.