the Younger sister of TV star Kim Kardashian businesswoman Kylie Jenner, which in may was deprived of the status of the youngest billionaire in the world, starred in a candid shooting for the Chinese version of fashion magazine Vogue got on its cover. Pictures appeared in the Instagram account of the publication.

the picture posted On a celebrity posing sitting on a chair in tight latex dress red. Outfit of the brand Saint Laurent are a deep neckline and a high slit that showcases long black boots made of the same material. From accessories to Jenner — gold chain.

the Author of the shooting was made by fashion photographer Greg Seals (Greg Swales), who has previously worked with such publications as Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE and L’officiel. Stylist was Jill Jacobs (Jill Jacobs), and make up other women, Ariel Tejada (Tejada Ariel).

In July, Kylie Jenner showed cleavage photos from vacation in the Utah desert. It was captured in costume Erika Maish, which consists of top with plunging neckline and mini skirt embroidered with crystals bronze color.