Reveals the main mistake tourists in the process of exchanging currency upon arrival abroad. About it Daily Express said the General Director of financial company FairFX, Jan Strafford-Taylor (Ian Strafford-Taylor).

According to him, first and foremost, travellers should decide the issue of money in advance and do not postpone it at the last moment, for example, relying on the exchange at the airport.

first, the expert explained, they can be closed, including because of the imposed on the background of the pandemic coronavirus restrictions, and second, their employees tend to offer unfavorable terms of exchange at deliberately low rates. As a result, the tourist will be forced to use non-cash payment, which, in turn, also eliminates a number of risks.

“unfortunately, payment by credit or debit card abroad can turn into an avalanche of unnecessary expenses, especially if you are not planning to use your card on holiday”, — said Strafford-Taylor. He explained that many transactions overseas involve additional fees.

on 29 June, the network has listed the most popular mistakes of tourists at check-in to hotel and out of it. According to the expert of the industry, first and foremost, guests are kindly requested to consult the accommodation information about the resort fees — for example, about whether they are included in the room rate.