There are at least two cases in which the actor Mikhail Efremov can justify. This TV channel “360” told the lawyer Boris Lokshin.

In one scenario, the defense may indicate a technical malfunction of the car. “Burst the hose to the power steering, therefore the operation of the vehicle suddenly became impossible. As the machine moves in a straight line and go further,” he said, adding that the presence of money can make such examination.

In the second case can be used a figurehead. For example, a drunk Efremov called driver for hire, and that, having an accident, got scared and fled.

Lokshin explained that came up with these options right during a conversation, but “he not the only one dreamer”. “If you string up and to know more details all the circumstances, it is possible to pull something else,” he concluded.

1 Aug lawyer Ephraim Elman Pashayev spoke about the trump card that will prove the innocence of the defendant in the death of the driver of Sergey Zakharov. However, according to him, he will give a trump card immediately. However, he said that he did not intend to engage in counterfeiting.

Earlier, France denied the information that Yefremov admitted his guilt. According to the defender of the actor, the information of the lawyer of the victim Alexander Dobrovinsky that the actor pleaded guilty and then recanted his words wrong.

on the Evening of 8 June, Mikhail Efremov staged a deadly car accident in Central Moscow. The actor’s car flew into the oncoming lane and collided with a van whose driver, Sergey Zakharov, died in hospital. The artist himself was not injured, he was put under house arrest until August 9.