MOSCOW, 13 Jun — RIA Novosti. Singer Philip Kirkorov to apologize for the published in social networks, video about paratroopers and remove the entry from all areas, said RIA Novosti Deputy of the state Duma, the former commander of the airborne troops Colonel General Vladimir Shamanov.

Earlier in the Instagram artist has footage in which he appeared in the form of a paratrooper. The video was made for humorous sketch show.

Shamans reminded Kirkorov about the well-known saying.

“don’t Wake famously until it quietly. Like many Marines, I saw this disgusting story, where are you, Mr. Kirkorov insulted two main symbols of the troopers vest and takes… My recommendation to you: apologize and remove your libel from social networks for your own good,” he addressed the Deputy to the singer.

He also remembered the phrase famous paratrooper Valery Vostrotina: “Paratroopers can offend everyone, but not everyone has time to apologize.” Therefore, the Shamans recommended that Kirkorov “not to offend” paratroopers.