Quite a frightening discovery.

Employee of the forest service of the Indian state of Orissa by the name Susanta Nanda periodically publishes Twitter photos of interesting and unusual objects that he finds in the woods. So, in mid-June, Nanda shared with subscribers with the terrible ash legs, peek-a-Boo under wood.

Can you identify this animal?

the Man asked users to guess which animal belongs to the foot, but this question was a trick.

the comments were the most different variants ranging from the serious (his feet like monkeys or koalas) to the mystical (the snow man or an Indian demon pisachas). However, the response was more interesting. It turned out that five fingers grey is a fungus Xylaria polymorpha, also known under the more appropriate title “the fingers of the dead man.” And though it looks pretty creepy, actually, is absolutely harmless mushroom.

Sir ✋

Catherine Gura

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