the flight Attendant called the safest place on Board the aircraft for people suffering from motion sickness in turbulence. The recommendations of the flight attendants leads the Daily Express.

As noted by a former employee of EasyJet, so the passengers it is better to choose seats in the front or middle of the plane behind the wings. Seats at the rear of the liner are best avoided — there are air pockets are felt most strongly.

Passengers suffering from nausea in the air, it is recommended to take a seat by the window where people usually feel more comfortable. In addition, according to flight attendants, they should avoid oily and junk food before the flight, drinking alcohol and watching videos on their gadgets.

“the seat next to the window can minimize your chances of feeling sick on Board, because that’s the last thing a man wants to leave”, — concluded the author of the tabloid.

Earlier, the flight attendant explained in place in many airlines, a ban on the exchange of seats between passengers on Board the aircraft during the flight. In the first place, according to flight attendants, the requirement associated with the process of customer service.